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Prohormone supplements, also known as 'designer steroids,' are a legal, testing compound which converts into active hormones. This results in the same benefits derived from anabolic steroids without the legal issues and bad side effects prevalent in true steroids. Pro hormone supplements are often used by body builders, since they contribute to overall muscle tone and endurance without the repercussions of true steroid drugs. 

The benefits of prohormone supplements include: better muscular strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth), as well as endurance and stability of muscle tone and appearance. PCT supplements work with these supplements to negate most of the potential side effects and provide a healthy balance. 

The side effects of these more respected legal steroids (pro hormones) can be greatly reduced by taking on cycle support and post cycle therapy supplements in conjunction with these (PCT). PCT products are safe to use and are highly recommended in correlation with the hormone supplements when using them to increase muscle strength and endurance and other benefits. 

For more information on how these legal supplements can help you in your fitness program, visit us online at: Muscleintensity.com or contact us to learn more. Combining post cycle therapy ingredients with hormone therapy may be the single most important thing you do to maximize your fitness potential and stay safe and healthy while working out.

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