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Steve Namat IFBB PRO

Steve Namat IFBB PRO


Train With a Pro In Tampa area!

NOW Online Personal Training Services!

Diet/supplement/training advices, custom diet/workout program.

Offseason/contest prep for bodybuilding/figure/bikini competitors.

Steve Namat IFBB Pro - Muscleintensity.com

I'm working in the Powerhouse Gym in Downtown Tampa (1120 E. Kennedy Blvd STE 129, Tampa FL 33602). I'm training since 1999, competing and doing personal training since 2002. Now I'm one of the best bodybuilder on the world in my class and I'm one of the few Floridian pro bodybuilders. You want to be more muscular? You want to loose weight? You want to be fitter, healthier?

I can help you to transform your body, to change your life!

My services: Personal Training, Nutrition Programs, Contest Prep, Posing Consults, Seminars, Modeling, Acting.

Call me at 727-623-3382, visit my website at www.stevenamat.com,  to the steve@stevenamat.com email address!

Contest History:

2002 (Age 19)

IFBB Hungarian National Championship
Junior under 80 kg 1st Place

Superbody Championship (the second biggest hungarian contest)
Junior under 175 cm 1st Place

2003 (Age 20)

IFBB Hungarian National Championship
Under 80 kg 1st Place

Superbody Championship
Junior and Junior-Novice-Open Overall Winner

Night of Hungarian Bodybuilding Champions
Under 85 kg 2nd Place

2004 (Age 21)

IFBB Hungarian National Championship
Under 87.5 kg and Overall Winner

Superbody Grand Prix
Overall Winner

Night of Hungarian Bodybuilding Champions
Under 85 kg 1st Place

2006 (Age 23)

NPC Border States Classic (Anaheim, CA)
Light-heavyweight and Overall Winner

IFBB PRO contest history:


IFBB-Montreal Pro-12th place (Age 23)
IFBB-Santa Susanna Pro-15th place (Age 24)

2008 (Age 24)

IFBB-Tampa Bay Pro-6th place (202)
IFBB-Europa Super Show (Dallas)-11th place (202)

2009 (Age 25)

IFBB-Jacksonville Pro-5th place (202)
IFBB-Tampa Bay Pro-4th place (202)


IFBB-Tampa Pro-2nd place 202 (Age 26)
IFBB-Jacksonville Pro-5th place 202 (Age 26)
IFBB-Mr. Olympia-15th place 202 (Age 27)

Contact to Steve:

Facebook Page --- Official Steve Namat Page --- NamatTV YouTube --- Photo Gallery


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