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Secrets To Building 6-Pack Abs

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Secrets To Building 6-Pack Abs

The stomach and midsection is the area where most people tend to experience difficulty burning fat and building muscle. You’ll see photos of celebrities and athletes with tones abs and ask yourself “why can’t I develop abs like that?” Building a firm midsection requires a great deal of discipline and self-control. Far too many people believe that crunches and situps are the key to six-pack abs, but this alone isn’t going to give you the results you want. For a closer look into the secrets of building six-pack abs, keep reading.

The reason why so many people fail to achieve a firm midsection with prominent abs is because they are stuck in the mindset that crunches build abs. The truth, however, is that crunches focus more on the upper abs while offering minimal benefit to the lower abs. You can literally perform crunches for hours a day and see little-to-no chance in your abs. A better approach is to perform workouts that target both the upper and lower abdominal muscles…

So, what’s a good abdominal workout that will set you on the right path towards building a firm six-pack. Well, you might be surprised to learn the impact leg lifts has on the abs. By laying on the ground and lifting your legs 2-3 feet and holding them for a few seconds, you will work out nearly every muscle in your abdominal region. Simply lay down on the floor, preferably on the carpet or a soft workout mat, and raise your legs a few feet off the ground. Hold them parallel to one another for 20-30 seconds before lowering them back to the ground. Lift them back up into the air and repeat the cycle. Depending on your body weight and current build, 15-20 sets should offer a solid workout for your abs.

A yoga ball is a highly versatile tool that will benefit those trying to lose weight and/or tone their stomach. You can watch some YouTube videos on how to effectively use them, but the basic idea is to roll your body on top so it naturally strains your abs. Yoga balls are a fun alternative to traditional crunches that will help build those six-pack abs you’ve already dreamed of having.

Building a six-pack begins in the kitchen. If you are consuming a large portion of carbs and calories, it’s unlikely you will develop a firm six-pack. Work on reducing your carb intake and shift your diet more towards leafy green vegetables with lean meats. Chicken, tuna and turkey are all excellent sources of lean protein that won’t contribute to fat buildups around the midsection.


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